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rooisee studio

"...just a tiny piece of the heavens, please"

... a nest for two for a night or two

or add this space to any cottage 


our guests know...

the value of understated luxury

the vulnerability of beach dunes

private beach exclusivity


our studio guests are...

slow living seekers,

tiny house enthusiasts, 

love to travel with pets...


our guests seek...

position and location

fresh style

privacy and tranquility

what to expect

Private entrance | sitting nook

this white-washed, fishermans-style annexe sits perfectly nestled between the bigger cottages, with a little sitting nook protected from the wind and thoughtfully arranged for couple connection.

open ceilings| kitchenette | window seat

The simple structure evokes a sense of tranquility which is carefully preserved by the mix of old and contemporary furnishings seamlessly added for ease of living. 

The easy care flooring throughout, tiny but well-equipped kitchenette with Nespresso machine. Interior layout contributes to the lingering sense of simplistic well-being.

sleeps 2 | King or Twin choice | en-suite bathroom with shower | Pet friendly

From high-quality linen and sufficient soft furnishings to spacious and stylish private bathroom, makes for a thoughtfully prepared stay for all kinds of weather and occasions - whether overnight or weekend-away.

Did we mention this cottage is pet friendly?

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