About this spot

Enter the world of the understated beauty and simple luxury of the Cape West Coast with us.


Originally a Cape conservation project station and previously a salt lake farming harbour point, the Farm Yzerfontein has a rich history you are about to enter and enjoy with us...

Why the name Rooisee

(directly translated as Red Sea) ?


This name culminated from all the unique attributes the owners discovered from their look into the history as well as diversity of the area.

When owners, Barend and Amelia van der Walt, and their two young daughters came across this property while on a family holiday in the area in 2013, they were immediately intrigued by the farm-style tranquility and the overlap of the property with the beloved national park with its flower splendour and warm water bays.  They embarked on a phased renovation process of the three old-forestry buildings, previously used by the adjacent 'Strandkombuis' sea lodge as bed and breakfast accommodation.

Having traveled and stayed in the most beloved spots in the Cape West Coast for the prior 10 years, the owners had a clear idea what the best-of-the best of the Cape West Coast would entail - and Rooisee offered it all. Fisherman-style simplicity, protection from the infamous west coastal elements, good access roads and proximity to the Cape Town international airport, protection of the ever expanding tourism developments on the farm, access to the most exquisite birding experience the West Coast had to offer as well as the proximity to the warm water bays of the West Coast National Park for families.  The wide open beach allows for endless family entertainment at no risk of becoming crowded. 


The low crime rate of the town of Yzerfontein is a blessing and enables restfull and simple beach living. With the salt pans on the eastern side, the Atlantic Ocean hugging the property on the western side, the town of Yzerfontein a short beach walk on the southern side and the West Coast National Park on the northern side, we could not ask for a better location - not to mention the sun-set and sun-rise experience from the nature conserved dune behind the property.


Previously a Salt Lake farming harbour, the unique red succulents that surround the large seasonal salt lake behind the property as well as the iron ore qualities of the underground riches in the area lead to it being called 'Rooi-Pan-Se-Klippe' at the turn of the century. Although the rocky outcrop on the south side of the beach were used as a small salt harbor it now stands as the last rocky point before the largest stretch of uninterrupted beach on the south African coast - also referred to as 16 Mile Beach. 16 Mile Beach - as its known to those who cycle, horse-ride or simply jog or walk this impressively wide, peaceful, untouched stretch of beach nature conservation.


This spot if also the closest spot outside the reserve to both Cape Town and the Cape West Coast's popular flower splendour during the winter months from August to September.


The best way we could describe the unique red glow from its soil, plants and history as well as how this is a proverbial corridor the the riches of the Cape West Coast, was to aptly name it after the Red Sea.


Enough said, its time you and your loved ones come and experience the awe and grace of this exclusive area and its people for yourself...

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